for President

Chelsea Bian

Hello Everyone!

My name is Chelsea and I’m running to be your next AUS president. I’ve spent the past two years in the AUS as an Outreach Director and now my current role as VP of Student Life. I’ve had the privilege of developing my soft skills, in addition to being fortunate enough to work alongside the president and my fellow executives this year. My previous and current experience has provided me with tons of insights that contributed to developing my platform which involves both internal and external growth and transitions.

Here are some key points and takeaways for my campaign:

  • Creating bursaries and grants for art students in financial needs

  • Providing all health and wellness members with mandatory QPR suicide prevention, mindfulness and mental health training

  • Donations to help stop AAPI hate organizations and local small businesses that were affected drastically by COVID through philanthropy grants/events

  • Maintaining and increasing relationships with CSI&C and UBC career advising to ensure the delivery of career resources and support for arts students

  • Collaborate with more ethnic clubs to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Working with VP Admin to ensure a proper and private space for APAC office in the Arts Student Centre


You can read more about my detailed platform here!

Lawrence Liu

Passion, drive, experience. These are the things that connect me with the AUS and will make me a successful AUS President. I’ve had the pleasure of holding various roles in the AUS in the past two years and driven to make improve the Arts student experience at UBC, my platform focuses on three pillars: 



• Finding ways to make the AUS more accessible and re-evaluating ways we engage with the arts community

• Encourage collaborations with the faculty, ResLife, AMS, Collegia, and external organizations to increase outreach

• Work towards creating a more direct relationship in how the AUS works to enhance the arts student experience



• Leading a safe and strong Covid recovery, including clear event planning and advocating for online recordings and office hours for smooth transition

• Establishing orientation/interactive events targeted towards returning second-year students

• Collaborating with external campus groups to organize large-scale social events 


Mental Health

• Creating an arts peer-support program that offers emotional, social, and informational help

• Establishing a comprehensive resource package of mental health resources

• Maintaining a low-stress work environment within AUS portfolios

• Hosting consistent mental wellness-oriented events(Bunny Yoga?)


Check out my platform @

Ben Morrison

My name is Ben Morrison (he/him), I’m a second-year political science student, and I currently serve as your Associate Vice-President, Finance.


Students like you need more from the AUS, which is why I’m running to be your next President. As an Arts student myself, I realize we lack the pride that many of our counterparts have, and I’m here to change that. I’m someone who is passionate about reviving the AUS with a pragmatic plan. With the knowledge I’ve gained serving as your Associate VP Finance, I know the ways we can transform your student fees from a mere number on a screen, into an experience you can look forward to every day.


Highlights from my platform include:

  • COVID-19 Recovery: I will create a comprehensive “return-to-campus” plan for a safe transition back to in-person classes.

  • Capital Projects: Commission a greenification and refurbishing of Buchanan Square to create a lively and efficient, work and social environment for AUS members.

  • Academic Freedom: Work with the Vice-President Academic towards establishing an AUS program to ensure academic freedom is being afforded to all Arts students.


Learn more about me, my platform, and what I plan on doing for you, at

lawrence .jpg

   for VP Internal

Fatima Rua

Fatima Rua is a second year student planning to major in Honors Political Science and minor in Law and Society. She has been a member of the AUS for the past year as the Internal Director of Events. Being able to experience the Internal Portfolio first hand, Fatima has been able to see what values it takes to make the portfolio successful. She acknowledges that the Internal Portfolio is foundational for creating everlasting bonds amongst AUS members, while also being responsible for upholding the transparency and fairness of elections. Therefore, her campaign’s primary values are: Transparency, Community, and Innovation. Her first value refers to how the well-being of the AUS community is only plausible when there are transparent threads of communication, in which members will keep themselves accountable. In addition, her second value is community, as she will be committed to creating enriching events that will only flourish the connections between members from all different portfolios that may have been lost due to the current online situation. Lastly, her third value is innovation as she will promote adaptability and create workshops that will provide AUS members with the resources and skills needed to enrich their creativity and experience at UBC.


Instagram: @votefatimarua

Fatima Rua.jpg

   for VP External

Joshua Kim

Hello, my name is Joshua Kim and I’m a Second-year Arts Student running to become your next AUS VP External!


My platform consists of FIVE main pillars: COVID-19 Transition Plan, Career-Planning & Networking Opportunities, Diversity & Student Engagement, Sponsorship & Philanthropy, and the Purple Card Program!


You can learn more about my platform and experiences on my website (, but to quickly go over my fifth pillar and the project that I’m most excited for, the Purple Card program is all about directly benefiting YOU!


The program was inspired by the Science Undergraduate Society’s Blue Card program which allows science students to purchase at partnered local businesses at a discount price when they present their Blue Card that they can apply for free on their website. I believe that an expansion of their program to cover arts students or our own card program will benefit the arts students through reduction in expenses when dining out with their friends as they return back to campus in September!


For the past year, I have also held multiple leadership positions in student government and clubs focused on student advocacy. I hope that I can serve you as your next VP External!

Smrithi Ramnarayan

Hi! My name is Smrithi Ramnarayan, and I’m running to be the next Arts Undergraduate Society’s Vice President External!


With change happening all around us, including the potential transition back to in-person instruction and getting back on campus, I want to ensure the best possible experience for all Arts students. While I may not have any past experience with AUS, I have held a number of leadership roles throughout my time at UBC so far. I have been involved in student clubs, worked a part-time job, had multiple internship experiences, and have tried to make the best of my time here. Soon entering my fourth and final year, I want to play an instrumental role in helping others do the same.

My platform is spread across a multitude of categories ranging from improving connections with other undergraduate societies and external groups, to collaboration with other AUS portfolios to address key issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, while also having a strong focus on career planning and professional development.

To learn more, check out my full platform at

Thank you! And I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, especially during these unprecedented times 💜

Ghazal Rezaei

Hey everyone! My name is Ghazal Rezaei and I'm running for the AUS VP External position. I'm a first-year student in the CAP-PPE program and I'm hoping to soon become an International Relations student! Since summer, I had the privilege to work as the philanthropy director of the AUS External team and learned about the role and purpose of the external team within the AUS. Over the months, I've come to love working with the AUS family and I'm so happy that I was able to meet such a welcoming and supportive group of people! I'm running for the VP External position because I want to contribute more to the AUS and support Arts students! As VP External, I am to maintain and improve the current tasks of the external team as well as create more social opportunities for students coming back to campus! For first-year and second-year students, I aim to host exclusive events which help figure out our way around campus and transition to in-person classes! Thank you for reading my bio!

Sabreena Shukul

Hey Arts! I’m a third year Political Science and International Relations major, and I’ve been a part of the AUS for the past 3 years. This year, I had the honor of serving as AVP External and throughout the year I’ve learned not only the ins and outs of the External Team, but how to effectively manage it. My platform rests on three basic tenets: accountability, career development and personal growth. We are all tired of broken campaign promises, lack of Arts Pride, and accountability from within the AUS but I plan on changing that. I’m completely immersed in the UBC community, and I want the rest of our faculty to grow along with me. As Arts students, we have the toughest time figuring out where we want to be in life, and how to get there. As your VP External, I hope to provide every student with opportunities to develop themselves personally, and professionally before UBC throws us out into the real world. 


   for VP Academic

Viola Chao

Hi Arts Students!

My name is Viola Chao (she/her) and I’m a third-year Psychology student, minoring in English literature. I’ve been part of the AUS as Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator, Health & Wellness Co-chair, Associate VP Engagement and am passionate about using my experiences & knowledge to expand on ways the Academic Portfolio can better serve you. With my three years of service to Arts students, I’m capable of reimagining the Academic portfolio to build upon its pre-pandemic programs.


As your elected VP Academic I will:

  • Ensure for a success transition back to in-person classes through advocating for continued use of recorded lectures, online office hours, & hybrid forms of learning as well as hosting events/initiatives targeted towards helping students navigate an in-person university lifestyle.

  • Foster an equitable, supportive environment by pushing for diversity within levels of academic and mental health support.

  • Lead the Academic Support + Health & Wellness teams in creating more opportunities for wellness events, educational mental health workshops, tutoring/review sessions, events catered towards maximizing professional + academic life so that you can thrive as an Arts student.

Learn more about my platform here:

Send me a message on Instagram @vivi_chao if you have any questions!

Aadhya Mittal

Hi! I’m Aadhya Mittal. I’m a second-year psychology major. I am re-running to be your VP Academic. 


My platform: 


  • Expand the scope of tutoring

  • Promoting Open Education Resources (OER’s)

  • Sending out an academic experience survey to assess student concerns to advocate their needs with the faculty and ease transition. 



  • Sustaining the mental health awareness social media campaign to increase mental health literacy amongst arts students. 

  • Continuing to train HEWE co-chairs. 

  • Training the HeWe committee e.g. suicide prevention and mindfulness training. 

  • Tackle anxiety with in-person transition through events and workshops 

  • Focusing on BIPOC mental health by collaborating with clubs and organizations on campus 



  • Allocating $2000 to the HSS conference’s budget to award students who excel in research. 

  • Creating a comprehensive list of research awards and grants available to Arts students 



  • Removing amazon giveaways and using more sustainable and ethical brands 

  • Promoting the indigenous strategic plan amongst the student body!

  • Continuing to host online events and socially distanced-events to increase accessibility. 

  • Reducing the use of physical marketing via posters, pamphlets etc. 


I believe I have the experience, knowledge and passion to excel as VP Academic. 


Thank you!

aadhya mittal.jpg

   for VP Finance

Linda Zheng

Hi everyone! My name is Linda and I am running for VP finance within AUS. As someone who has been part of AUS this year under the internal portfolio, I have seen firsthand how the finance portfolio can improve and serve students better. My platform includes three important points: transparency, support, and smooth transition back to campus. I want to update the current AUS website more frequently, provide as much support as I can to other VP’s, and ensure that clubs go safely transition back to campus. I encourage all of you to place a vote as your voices matter, but you also pay a yearly fee to the AUS. Even though that fee may not seem much to many, this society is supposed to be serving arts students and make sure that everyone has a chance to have fun, meet new people, and get involved. Please feel free to reach out to me as I would love to ensure that AUS continues to improve to better serve its students.


   for VP Student Life

Himani Ahmed

I’m a 3rd year student majoring in GRSJ, minoring in Law and Society, and I’m the current Associate Vice President Student Life. As someone who’s been in Student Life for the past 3 years, as a Social Coordinator, Social Director, and now AVP, I know the ins and outs of the portfolio – structure, recurring events, how events are planned/run, budget, and more.

Based on my extensive experience and understanding of the portfolio, I’ve built a platform of 3 achievable objectives Student Life needs to emphasize in the coming year:

  1. Focus on safety: With the re-integration of in person events, putting emphasis on the government’s COVID-19 restrictions – and going beyond that to ensure student safety,

  2. Advocate for accessibility: Implement conversations around the accessibility of our events, create a budget for ASL interpreters/Closed Captioners/etc., and have accessibility info on RSVP forms, and

  3. Maximize the budget: Making sure student fees go back to students, bigger prizes/incentives, less surplus.

Additionally, I’ll look into having better transparency of our Outreach Committee’s liaising platforms for departmental/AMS affiliated clubs, host more engaging events with increased turnout, and have optional feedback forms for all events. Vote for me as VP of the Student Life FAMily!

Himani Ahmed.jpg

Austin Leung

What's good Arts Undergraduates!! My name is Austin Leung and I am currently a third-year student majoring in Cognitive Systems and I am running to be your AUS VP Student Life. A fact about me that you need to know is that I absolutely love to have fun, but what will make me even happier is seeing YOU have fun and I am here to make that happen through combining my leadership and creativity. As an outsider and first time member of the AUS committee, I will be able to bring the knowledge and insight I have as a student participant of the Arts faculty and carry the voices of students with me into this position. Arts is the largest faculty at UBC with approximately 14,000 students and let’s show everyone why we are the most exciting faculty !!! I'd love to invite you to check out my platform below and my inbox is always open for any further questions. 😊

🏀 I shot my shot, now shoot your shot with me and I will make your year unforgettable 🏀

Ig: @vote_austin_vpsl

Facebook Page:

austin leung.jpg

Vidushi Pandey

Hi everyone! My name is Vidushi Pandey and I’m running for your AUS VP Student life . I am a second year Psychology student with a passion for Engagement and Advocacy. Although Student life means the fun part of a student’s university experience, I believe that there is more to it . My platform is based on the key points that constitute Student Life:

  • L- Lively events that get you moving. Being stuck at home has impacted students’ mental and physical health. Thus, I intend to host events that get the students ‘moving’ even if everything remains online.

  • I- Intellectual stimulation. Although University is about making social connections. It is also about challenging yourself and exploring different areas of knowledge. I intend to plan events that get you THINKING!

  • F- Forming meaningful connections within the community and the society. I plan on hosting events that would help students meet others with similar interests and mindsets, while also providing them with a chance to give back to the community.

  • E- Equity and inclusion. I intend to include and represent the minorities while making any decisions. My priority would be organizing events that focus on Arts Pride and collaborations with different student societies.

Sherly Prince

I’ve been apart of AUS for the past two years as a first-year rep and an AMS representative this past year and am super excited for the opportunity to serve the arts community again especially coming back from COVID !!  


Please feel free to check out my campaign event and video on Facebook or DM me at @sherly.prince to ask anything~

sherly prince.jpg

Janet Yu

Hi! My name is Janet Yu. I am a second year psychology student at UBC and I am running to be your next VP student life. My three main goals are: Inclusivity, Engagement and Selflessness. With the transitions from online classes to in person classes, I want to ensure you guys have a safe and effective return on campus! My transition plan includes listening to all of your concerns, and making sure all your voices are heard. I will be creating several surveys to ensure your safety goals are met. Most importantly, I will be implementing all BC health guidelines to maximize safety. As your VP student life, I have great events in mind such as scavenger hunt, wine and dine, and yoga & fitness classes at a CHEAP cost or FREE. I want to provide the BEST university experience for YOU and it will be a privilege to serve as your next VP student life!


For more information about my platform please visit the following: 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; feel free to message me! Thank you. 

   for VP Engagement

Renee Chan

Hi Arts Students! My name is Renee and I’m running to be your next AUS VP Engagement. I'm a third-year Literature major and Psychology minor, with a love for chicken wings and Taylor Swift songs. As the current AVP Engagement and having had three years in this portfolio, I am well versed in the roles and responsibilities that Engagement has. My knowledge and experience gives me valuable insight on how to lead the team.

As VP Engagement, some things I plan to do are:

  • Streamline and standardize all outward-facing AUS media and create long-lasting organizational systems that we have lacked in previous years

  • Secure website longevity by staying connected to all portfolios, ensuring that website features are best suited for their needs

  • Improve event promotion by assessing patterns in event and media analytics from the previous year to the upcoming one, while sharing this data with portfolios

  • Create an online store for AUS merchandise, making merchandise accessible and available to purchase especially for those not on campus

  • and more!

I am passionate about this portfolio and the work that can be done if I am elected! Check out my full platform here:

Gina Li

Hello fellow Arts Students! My name is Gina Li (she/her) and I am running to be your next Arts Undergraduate VP Engagement. I am a second-year Economics (hopefully) major and Law and Society minor. I enjoy meeting new people and checking out cool study/eat spots! Having previous experience as your second-year representative, I have gained so much knowledge through attending council and governance meetings. As we transition from a whole academic year of online school to a more in-person-based year, I want to strive in having a smooth transition with a more organized committee and system to best serve us as students. For more information, please do not hesitate to message me on Facebook (Gina Li) or Instagram (ricebowliii) 

For more information:[%7B%22extra_data%22%3A%22%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22home%22%7D%2C%7B%22extra_data%22%3A%22%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22create_dialog%22%7D]%7D

renee chan.png
gina li.png

   for AMS Rep

Sanjana Bedi

Hi everyone, my name is Sanjana Bedi and I am running for the position of an AMS Representative. I understand this year has been especially challenging for all of us, and I want to ensure a better experience for the community this year!

A glimpse into my platform:

→  Transparency- I aim to reduce bureaucracy and therefore make the AUS and the AMS more accessible. I promise to be easily available to you so that I can advocate for the issues you care about.

→ Transition- As in person session commences, I aim to advocate for some hybridity in the term. This means having access to class recordings, professors available for online office hours, opening of more socially distanced study spaces. I also plan on advocating for better accessibility of mental health resources.

→ Integration- I plan to propose more inter faculty collabs in addition to AMS x AUS collaboration events.


Having experience working as an OTL for UBC JumpStart and an AMS tutor has enabled me to understand the issues faced by students and this post gives me a chance to advocate for them and YOU. 

To learn more about my platform, check out my instagram:

Gahan Diwan

I'm thrilled to run  for the AMS rep for AUS general elections . I’m a first year student hoping to major in psychology. After being speaker for AUS council , communication director at APO and VP communication for hydro future project at McGill University, I feel it's time to step up with an enriching potential to be the liaison between AMS and AUS. 


My campaign works on simple three and powerful promises - “I love my AUS FAM” strategy: FAM refers to financial, academic and mental support to my AUS family. I personally believe that working experience beyond a particular field is as momentous as pursuing an internship. I feel that this opportunity  places prominence in similar places and having the privilege of serving as a AMS Rep will increase my learning opportunities and provide me the exposure that I need.

After being a night owl and international student in a different time zone last semester, I felt it created a barrier between me and everything happening here on campus. It was more stressful than being here and now studying in cool spots like IKB. I deeply acknowledge the importance of mental health awareness and that’s my platform's main basis.I'm hoping to major in psychology so used techniques learned from health psych with everything going around. I know, I'm not alone and everyone is in the same boat. Let's nail it together!

Feel free to reach out to me. I’m always down for a chat and hear you out.

Bleed purple!

Kamil Kanji

Hey Arts Community! My name is Kamil Kanji, I am a first year arts student and I am running to serve as one of your next AMS Representatives. As the Co-Director of the First Year Committee for the AUS this past year, I have been given unique insights into what our community is looking for from our student government and as the Vice-Chair of the AMS Governance Committee and Student-At-Large on the Finance Committee I also have a unique perspective on how our institutions can work to deliver on those needs. My platform focuses on providing more accountability of student government through transparency initiatives and better reporting mechanisms and enhancing our community’s transition back to in-person learning by better supporting clubs, increasing research opportunities and providing enhanced access to financial assistance. My platform also focuses specifically on increasing the capacity for our institutions to manage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, increasing student mental wellness (especially as we transition out of COVID-19) and representing all students regardless of who you are or whether you operate in Arts One, CAP or custom timetable courses.


For a much more detailed view on my platform and qualifications please visit:

Romina Hajizadeh

Hi everyone! Happy elections season :)


My name is Romina Hajizadeh, and I am running to be one of your AMS Representatives! I'm currently a first-year student hoping to major in International Relations, and I also serve in the AUS's First Year Committee as the Arts One Representative!


I centred my platform around PCE: Passion, Community, and Equity. In general, I know that transitioning back to in-person education will be difficult - especially for those of us who haven't even seen campus, let alone Vancouver! Thus, I hope to use my platform to not only build an inclusive community, but to make sure there is a safe space in UBC for everyone, regardless of our differences. 


Some fun facts about me: I'm an ENFP, Sagittarius sun (Nicki Minaj said OPTIMIST!), Aquarius moon, and Cancer rising. In my free time, I'm attempting to play Chopin on my piano, online shopping but not buying anything (sometimes), baking coffee cake, and going on nature walks! If you want to know more about me, plz check out my main and campaign Instagrams @romihajizadeh and @voteromi. Regardless of what happens, I'm happy to be meeting all of you and I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the semester <3

Matthew Ho

Hi, I’m Mathew Ho, a 5th Year Political Science and Masters of Management student at UBC. I’m currently running for re-election as AMS Representative in the Arts Undergraduate Society Elections.
As not only AMS Councillor for Arts, but also chair of the AMS Advocacy Committee and part of AMS and AUS Finance Committee this year, along with AUS VP Finance and Year rep in prior years, I hope to bring my EXPERIENCE in creating ACTIONABLE and TRANSPARENT outcomes, supporting our upcoming AMS Arts caucus members in being a vocal voice in both societies and keeping our student leaders accountable, and ensuring that work done this year can be continued onto the next.


For next year, I hope to:

  • Reform committee structure in the AMS and AUS to allow more student-at-large voices, similar to Advocacy Committee, especially in AMS Student Life, Finance, and Operations Committee

  • Advocate for Financial transparency, particularly in information on AMS Investments, ensuring AMS actions match commitments.

  • Ensure the AMS holds UBC accountable in student resources and support, and highlight its currently inconsistent divestment actions

  • Ensure constituent clubs continue to be supported by the AUS, through AUS structural reform.

  • Ensure AUS budget supports students financially, by grants etc.

Aryan Mishra

Hello everyone, I am Aryan Mishra, a first-year student majoring in economics. I am running to be your next AMS representative for the arts undergraduate society. As your AMS representative, I will work towards enhancing the AMS culture and ensuring a safer and smoother transition into in-person learning. My goals as your next AMS Representative are to provide a welcoming environment for current and new coming international students, and ensuring tuition money is well spent and benefits everyone. I want to ensure that all students have equal opportunities for extracurricular activities and social events outside classes to provide the perfect balance in university life and also help the departmental clubs get more exposure through partnerships with local businesses. I will closely work with the center of accessibility to make a greater experience by providing more funding and awareness. I have vast experience with organizing business sponsorship and fundraisers for various clubs and local events. I am also the project director at the entrepreneur’s deck. I am a hardworking person with a great passion for the faculty and its students. I want to guarantee growth and transparency as your next AMS representative. Vote for Aryan Mishra!!

Tajdeep Singh Sandhu

Hey y’all! I am Tajdeep Singh Sandhu, a second-year Asian Studies student, and I am running to be your next AMS Representative! My extensive community work exhibits the honesty and diligence required by this position.


Through youth forums, I helped converge local youth and channel their opinions on sustainability, transportation and crime to our City Council. I have worked with the international student community in accessing resources and professional consultation to alleviate the challenges they face in Canada. As Co-Director of SOOUDA, I have been spreading awareness about mental health and the drug toxicity crisis, challenging cultural stigma and providing free naloxone kits and training to community members! As well, I served faculty clubs and student groups through my position of Club Grants Coordinator in the Finance Committee this year.

My volunteer experience constitutes of many instances where we tried to fill in the gaps that remain ignored by establishments. As your AMS Representative, I will work hard to address students’ concerns in areas such as Sustainability, Inclusivity, Mental Health, Substance Use, Campus Safety, International Education, and Post-Pandemic Transition. 


You can follow me on Instagram @tajdeep4amsrep and DM or email me ( for more information. Thank you very much!

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kamil kanji.jpg
Aryan Mishra AMS Rep.jpg