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Kat Aquino

Hi everyone! My name is Kat Aquino and I’m running for re-election as your AUS President.

Over the past year, I have successfully created a better working relationship with the Faculty – allowing us students to advocate for the issues we find most important. My previous experiences as VP Academic and President has allowed for me to understand the importance of student voices and the role the AUS can have in ensuring they are heard and make tangible and impactful changes.


In the next year, I hope to continue my current work by focusing on these priorities:

Support Student Wellness

  • Advocate for a review and an increase of current mental health support systems

  • Collaborate with the Faculty of Arts to make mental health training of Arts faculty and staff mandatory

Empower Student Voices

  • Increase programming and initiatives centered around the development of diverse and inclusive leadership

  • Collaborate with the AMS and its Indigenous committee to initiate greater engagement and inclusion

Unify the Arts Community

  • Further develop a unifying Arts identity while ensuring the inclusion of all students’ voices

  • Highlight clubs’ and students’ successes to generate excitement and pride within the Arts community

Bailey Saguin

My name is Bailey Saguin and I am proud and honoured to have to opportunity to run for your Arts Undergraduate Society President!


A little bit about me I am a 4th year Psychology Major with a History Minor. I have worked in the AUS for the past 3 years starting from a Member-At-Large within the Student Life Committee, last year as the Sports Coordinator, and this year as the Associate Vice President Student Life.


Here are some main highlights from my platform!


  • Reform

    • Reform stART up to be a a more cost effective event that reaches out to more students and maximizes their experience

  • Community

    • Collaborate with various groups on campus to  develop events and services that outreach to a wider range of students with various interests

  • Philantrophy

    • Implement a year long initiative to support a local organization through the AUS platform

Anila Chowdhury

Hello my fellow Arts peers! I am a third-year history major and commerce minor with a passion for community engagement. My journey with the AUS began as a naive First-Year Committee member and evolved to include the duties of Philanthropy Coordinator, Associate VP External, stARTup Coordinator and VP External. My experiences outside the AUS include leadership roles in the Panhellenic Council, Global Lounge, Annual Giving Call Centre, Bangladesh Student Association and Period UBC. This year, I want to combine my plethora of past experiences to serve the diverse needs of the mammoth entity that is the Arts student body. I aspire to serve you as your president so that I can champion the voices of Arts students, bolster student leadership among members of the Arts community, cultivate an impact-driven culture, and spread Arts pride! I hope to bring our massive community a little closer and have the AUS serve as the Arts home base. I can’t wait to serve you and help you make the most of your UBC experience! To find out more about my platform, please visit:

   for VP External

Nealie Alavie

Hello! My name is Nealie Alavie and I’m excited to be running for your AUS Vice President External. I’m currently the AUS Philanthropy Coordinator, spending the past year working to create and strengthen relationships between the AUS and non-profits around Vancouver. I successfully headed the philanthropic side of Arts Week, choosing a charity to support, and raising awareness for their mission. This year, we collaborated with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Since then, I’ve been working tirelessly on multiple events with my wonderful External team, whilst learning to advocate for the Arts community to the best of my abilities. If elected VP External, I will employ meaningful change in students’ lives by prioritizing the following:



- Give a greater platform to student-focused and student-run non-profits

- Continue strengthening relationships with charitable organizations


Indigenous Relations

- Ensure that Indigenous voices are heard in AUS council

- Prioritize strengthening our relationships with on-campus Indigenous groups, such as the AMS Indigenous Committee

- Potentially collaborate on events



- Create two committees under the External portfolio; one for External Relations and one for Professional Development

- Ensures events run smoothly, securing career connections for more Arts students


Thank you! Your VOTE matters!

   for VP Finance

Ali Ahmadi

My Name is Ali and I am a second-year student who is planning to double major in philosophy and international relations. My first foray into the ordeals of budgeting and planning was a minor but memorable one. As a member of the Port Moody Youth Focus committee, I contributed to the coordination and budgeting of municipal events. In the past year, I had the pleasure of serving as a student-at-large representative and a member of the AUS finance committee. My role as the grant coordinator rendered the pleasure of being in contact with various council members. With the help of the VP and finance committee members, we provided financial aid to more than 12 recipients. Whether it was covering operational or conference costs, our help lifted a huge financial burden off their shoulders. I would like to continue that tradition and help facilitate more opportunities for students and clubs to enrich their experience beyond the lecture halls. My main goal as VP finance is to not only ensure the transparent and efficient allocation of funds, but also a greater diversity among the council members who are representing the wide variety of activities organized by the largest faculty on the campus.

   for VP Administration

Pengcheng Fang

I'm Peter Fang, and I’m running to be your next Vice President of Administration for the UBC Arts Undergraduate Society! As the current AUS outreach director, I executed various outreach initiatives such as the student feedback surveys, arts week promotion strategy, and multiple external collaborations with Superstore and UBC FilmSoc. My campus leadership experience also includes Arts Peer Academic Coach (APAC), Reading Week Student leader, and ORICE Action team. I’m running for this position because I believe by building a more efficient and cohesive internal structure, AUS as an organization will deliver on its goals for greater transparency with its constituents, strengthen existing relationship with departmental club, and create a safe and inclusive space for all Arts students to grow their leadership experiences.


My platform includes

- Meekison Arts Student Space (MASS) Maintenance Project

- Re-structuring online MASS Booking/Locker rental with VP Engagement

- Liaison with Arts Student Centre

- Safe & Inclusive initiatives

- Building a more cohesive internal communication for more.

   for VP Academic

Kana Saarni

Hi! My name is Kana Saarni and I'm a third year Political Science major and am running to be your next AUS VP Academic. Besides being an arts student, I have a passion for photography/videography, ramen, and mental health advocacy/discourse. Having spent the past 2 years within the AUS, and specifically under the Academic Portfolio, I have an understanding of the inner-workings of the team and a passion towards the work that happens within. Going forward within the Academic Portfolio, I would hope to work on mental health advocacy and understanding within the faculty of arts, as well as searching for new ways to open up dialogue about wellness resources. I also hope to search for new pathways for tutoring services, and be the bridge between academic success and professional opportunities for arts students. Lastly, I would like to advocate for academic life and social balance, through the introduction of workshops and resources in relation to university life. I have a lot of exciting things that I would hope to work on as your VP Academic and am committed to the improvement of arts faculty relations!

To learn more, check out my full platform here:

Mathew Ho

Hi, I’m Mathew Ho, and I’m running for VP Academic in the AUS Elections. I hope to use my experience in the Faculty of Arts Council, and the AUS as a 3rd year rep, and my experience as part of RHA to improve and rethink current AUS approaches to academic support and representation for students. In short, I will:

  1. Revive the Social Sciences and Humanities conference by expanding presentation mediums

  2. Increase transparency by communicating faculty practices and AUS advocacy work to students

  3. Improve health and wellness events by bringing in campus groups like AMS Speakeasy

  4. Evaluate and support departmental tutoring

   for VP Student Life

Cassandra Shayne Avanzado

My name is Casandra Avanzado and I am running to be your next Vice President of Student Life for the AUS. I am a fourth-year Cognitive Systems major in Psychology. I want to represent YOU as the largest undergraduate society student life portfolio at UBC. As the current Social Director for Student Life, I have worked with the current VP Student Life to enhance the student experience of Arts students. It allowed me to gain experience in the logistical implementation of social life events from a large-scale annual gala to talent shows. I plan to influence the student body through advocating for three core values on my platform: Conscientiousness, Accountability, and Student Experience. I’d like to put student consultation at the forefront, hold preventative accountability on the executive team, and focus on planning events that enrich your personal and academic lives. I am confident that my keen eye for detail, passion for event planning, and commitment to the Arts faculty makes me perfectly qualified to be your next VP Student Life. If elected, I promise to work tirelessly and endlessly to enhance your student experience and to represent you as your next VP Student Life.

   for VP Engagement

Michelle Choi

❤️✨Hello, beautiful people of Arts! ✨❤️
My name is Michelle Choi, running to become your VP Engagement. I worked as the AUS first-year rep this year and I realized my passion—helping build an intimate relationship between the ARTS constituency and AUS. In order to boost the communication of our student government, I want to:

  • Increase AUS presence with MERCH!

  • Make AUS heard through vibrant content that will CATCH your eyes

  • Lead a team of creative minds to kindle your Arts pride


University experience should be FUN and AUS does just that: pARTies, social events, free food, and so much more. As VP Engagement, I will try my best to get YOU engaged and aware of the priceless opportunities AUS presents. I love UBC with all my heart and even more than that, I am incredibly proud to be an Arts student. I think you should be too! With your vote, allow me to help you be proud of who you are—who WE are!


Check out my campaign:

   for AMS Rep

Shadi Saberian


My name is Shadi and I am a second-year economics and political science student, running to be your AMS representative. I want to represent all my fellow arts students to ensure that we truly are getting the most out of what the AMS can provide for us. As a student myself, I understand how difficult it is to balance your social life, school and work without sacrificing your health. Therefore, I want to make sure that students are given the opportunities to create that balance and thrive in all areas of their lives.

Kevin Zhang

Hey everyone! My name is Kevin and I'm running for re-election to the AMS Arts Caucus. Throughout the course of my campaign I've spearheaded issues like:


--> Greater levels of transparency between council and the student body, accompanied by greater and more cohesive consultation between the AMS Executive and council

--> Advocating for more meaningful mental health support programs that can be accessed without having to wait an unconscionable amount of time

--> Pushing for greater collaborative efforts with student unions from across the country in both fighting the advance of climate change and including indigenous voices


As an AMS Rep and OCRA VP, I've been actively involved with both the Alma Mater Society and the UBC Residence Hall Association in maintaining open lines of communication with the people I represent. I've served on an array of councils and working groups in previous years, and I’m optimistic that these experiences will translate into my ability to represent you and your interests.


My platform predicates itself on three main pillars: Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency. For more information, visit:


You can email me at: and I’ll respond within 24 hours. I hope I have your vote!

Kia Teimouri

My name is Kia Teimouri and I’m a first-year student intending to major in Political Sciences with a minor in Economics. I’m a proud member of the faculty and a strong supporter of the AUS and its initiatives to better the experiences of its undergraduate members. I intend to push an agenda that directly reflects the needs of our student-body including initiatives around mental health and community engagement and improvements surrounding communication between executives and Arts students. Mental health impacts everybody and is a serious issue here at UBC, and I believe as students we have a duty to care for each other! This is something that I do not take lightly and will fight for, whether it be funding or simply new and creative ways to bring the Arts community together. Community engagement is also an initiative I thoroughly support, specifically by increasing the number of Arts events and creating excitement around the events to increase turnouts. Lastly, communication regarding events, extra-curricular opportunities, and the allocation of our AUS fees is something that needs to be communicated clearly from the executives to Arts students. I will push to increase overall transparency as well as expanding and facilitating this stream of information.

   for Arts Senator

Mathias Leuprecht

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