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Leadership. Community. Diversity. Inclusivity. Academia. Advocacy. Fun.



Passionate about any of these things? Perfect. This is your chance to get involved in the Arts community and be a part of a core and committed group of professional student leaders!



Positions up for election:


Vice-President Internal

Vice-President External

Vice-President Finance

Vice-President Academic

Vice-President Administration

Vice-President Student Life

Vice-President Engagement

AMS Representatives

Arts Student Senator


Candidates are encouraged to connect with current Executives, AMS Reps, and Senators to ask questions and get informed about the role.





President: Nealie Alavie, aus.president@ubc.ca

Vice-President External: Nibras Shahar, ausvpx@gmail.com

Vice-President Finance: Noah Jantz, ausfinance@gmail.com

Vice-President Academic: Aadhya Mittal, ausacademic@gmail.com

Vice-President Administration: Peter Fang, ausvpadmin@gmail.com

Vice-President Student Life, Chelsea Bian, aus.vpstudentlife@gmail.com

Vice-President Engagement, Kana Saarni, aus.vpengagement@gmail.com

Chief AMS Representative, Lawrence Liu, liu1949@student.ubc.ca


AMS Reps

Lawrence Liu

Mathew Ho

Joshua Kim

Sherly Prince

Carter McClean


Arts Student Senator: Justin Zheng






*We sincerely apologize as there were issues with the recording during the first part of the debate. The recording commences at the beginning of VP Engagement's closing statements.

*As compensation, we will be posting the written responses of the questions that were asked of the candidates whose messages were not recorded in the debate so voters are able to see their responses as well as learn about the candidates and their platforms.

*For the candidates who did not participate in the debate, you can find their video responses on our page!

AUS General Elections Debate

As the AUS President, the brunt of your role sits in the summer as you prep your execs and the entire AUS to take on the oncoming year. Seeing as this prep or transition is a crucial time, what methods will you implement to ensure the AUS starts on the right foot?


Ben Morrison:

Throughout the summer, I will work towards implementing the foundation necessary so that we continue into the next academic year seamlessly. With the return of in-person classes in September, the executives must have a strong, well-communicated plan for themselves and the students. Coordinating plans internally to make sure that students feel safe on campus will be first on my to-do list. Once this is complete, I will work on making the AUS something that every member can be proud to be a part of, I will make the AUS something that students care about and something they see value in. Here are just a couple of ways I will do this:

  • COVID-19 Recovery: I will create a comprehensive “return-to-campus” plan for a safe transition back to in-person classes.

  • Capital Projects: Commission a greenification and refurbishing of Buchanan Square to create a lively and efficient, work and social environment for AUS members.

  • Academic Freedom: Work with the Vice-President Academic towards establishing an AUS program to ensure academic freedom is being afforded to all Arts students

  • Reform TGAS: I will work with the other executives to create an event that has previously only hosted 300 people to an event that attracts far greater numbers. This will be a year-end event that UBC becomes known for.

If you want to learn more about my platform and vote, visit www.voteben.ca

Forms must be completed by Thursday, March 25th at 12 PM. No exceptions.


If you have any questions regarding the elections please contact

the elections team at: aus.electionsco@gmail.com


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