The Executive Team

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Nealie Alavie


Hey, my name is Nealie Alavie and I’m your AUS President for this year! I’m a fourth year Gender Race & Social Justice major, Law & Society minor. At the end of my first year, I was particularly lonely and struggling to find my place amongst my Arts peers and the wider UBC community. It was around this time that I stumbled upon the AUS, and never looked back. I’m excited and humbled to serve the Arts community, especially during these times of rapid and fundamental change. Shoot me an email if you have any AUS or Arts-related questions or if you want to chat about all things Euphoria, Womxn in rap and make up.


Aadhya Mittal

Vice-President Academic

Hello my lovely fellow arts students, I’m Aadhya Mittal and I’m honored to be serving as your VP Academic for the 2020/21 school year. I am a second year psychology major. In my spare time, if I get any, I like to paint, binge shows and explore new places. I absolutely love bubble tea and cracking bad dad jokes and sunsets. My favorite spots on campus are the Forestry building, wreck beach, and pearl fever. I’m looking forward to putting up exciting events and working for the arts community. If you ever want to talk about AUS or life or swap playlists feel free to contact me through social media or email and I’ll hopefully see you around campus next year. Stay safe and wear a mask. 

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Peter Fang

Vice-President Administration

Hi, my name is Peter Fang and I'm honoured to serve you as the VP Administration for the 2020/2021 school year. I am a Fourth-Year Sociology major and minoring in Commerce. In my spare time, I like to meditate, explore different hiking routes, and check out new bubble tea shops around Vancouver. During a regular school year (fingers crossed for a safe back to school in Term 2), you will probably find me either in IKBae trying to figure out my next paper topic, daydreaming at Wreck Beach, or working on the next exciting project with my AUS fam in the AUS Office. Given the virtual situation we are in this year, please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about what I do both in the AUS and around campus at:

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Kana Saarni

Vice-President Engagement

Hi UBC! My name is Kana and I'm excited to serve as your VP Engagement for the 2020/2021 school year. I'm in my Fifth Year as a Political Science major and am excited to have been volunteering and working with the AUS for the past four years now. I have a lot of passion for media, marketing, and creative design work and am super excited to guide the Marketing, Merchandise, Analytics, and Media teams in AUS. Other than running around Buchanan doing my AUS errands, I'm also involved with UBC REC as their Media Director, Blank Vinyl Project as a Photographer, and a Content Creator/Videographer for UBC Student Communications (feel free to say hi if you see me around campus wielding a camera)! In my spare time, I love to read fantasy novels, eat ramen, take photos, travel, and drink tea in bed on rainy days. Feel free to reach out to me at if you ever want to chat or looking to collaborate!


Nibras Sharar

Vice-President External

Hi Arts fam, my name is Nibras Sharar. I'm very excited to serve you as the AUS Vice President External 2020/2021. I'm a 4th year, Political Science major and International Relations minor.  I got involved with the AUS in my 1st year and has shaped my university experience immensely. My hobbies include dancing, watching youtube videos, learning Korean and running my jewelry page on Instagram. Ideally, you would see me around campus, attending meetings at MASS, studying at IKB or hanging out with friends at the Nest (Pre COVID-19). However, this year, I can't wait to chat or meet you virtually and see you at our online events. You can find me on Facebook, ig or email me at :)


Noah Jantz

Vice-President Finance

Hi everyone! I’m Noah Jantz, and I’m excited to serve as the VP Finance for the 2020/2021 school year. I’m a second-year arts student planning to major in Political Science. Some of the things I enjoy outside of the AUS I enjoy going to the gym, reading textbooks, and Skiing. Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or say hi if you ever see me around campus!


Axel Kong

Vice-President Internal

Hi, my name is Axel. I am grateful to serve as your VP Internal this academic year. I major in Cognitive Systems and shares an interest in languages, cultures, techy gadgets, and anything fun. I came into AUS knowing that there are minor student bodies among us that have a voice. I am here for them and for anyone who wants to make our society and the university a more inclusive and welcoming. This year our Internal Portfolio will mostly be online, and we will be available to answer any question or concern regarding the portfolio. Please do not hesitate to contact me or contact any member of our Internal team if we could help you in anyway during this particular year.

2020 Chelsea Bian

Chelsea Bian

Vice-President Student Life

Hello arts fam! I am Chelsea Bian and I am pleased to serve as your VP Student Life for the 2020-2021 school year. I am a fourth year speech science student. This year is my second year part of the AUS and first year as a VP and I am so excited for what this year has in store for us! I love hanging out with friends, chasing sunsets and am always spotting the cutest doggos on campus. If you see me on campus, feel free to stop me and say hi! I’m very friendly and love meeting new people even if my face doesn’t look like it. 


Lawrence Liu

Chief AMS Representative

As a 2nd-year aspiring psychology student hoping to also complete a minor in music, Lawrence brings his interest for advocacy, student support, and good vibes to the 2020-2021 AUS exec team. Joining AUS last year as one of the two first-year reps, Lawrence was inspired by all the brilliant work done by the preceding exec team that made him want to run for an exec position. Outside of classes, you can probably find Lawrence drinking Guayaki™ Yerba Mate or foraging for cheap discounted food(Honour Roll @ 5 pm). During his free time, Lawrence enjoys watching soccer, eating fast food, or making Spotify playlists @clawrenceliu2001. Always feel free to get in contact through his email at or shoot him a message on Facebook!